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1. What color best describes your mood right now?

~Fluffy cotton candy pink if that’s even a color lol! XD  Because I’m so happy I’m gonna be watching Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno today yas!

2. What do you do when you’re anxious?

~I take deep breaths and chant all is well XD

3. What’s your favorite animal?

~doggy!  Particularly the husky and spitz type.

4. Favorite Voltage game?

~My Sweet Bodyguard (and KBTBB in close second XD)

 5. Favorite snack?

~egg pie and oolong milk tea XD

 6. What’s the last movie you saw?

~Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles ^u^

7. Favorite anime?

~Rurouni Kenshin / Fushigi Yuugi / Fairy Tail

8. Least favorite Voltage guy?

~Kisaki Ota (at least from the ones that I played)

9. Do you know anyone else who plays/likes Voltage games in real life?

~my friend whom I have forced requested to play ^_^ I showed her all the naked sexy CGs of my Voltage men XD


[Bath time]

Everyone call Subaru is angry mom, and Daichi is really like a reliable daddy, so I come to this idea (≧∇≦ )/.
It’s family time haha…It is my first time drawing chibis Daichi. Cute isn’t he?

sssooo cute o(^▽^)o


Yoshino, Nara, Japan. by (Elizabeth Tutsch)

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1926. If Harry Potter Was An Anime.




I’ll always reblog it when I see it because this is the COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!

why the hell does harry have his wand over his shoulder like is it really that heavy




Hello and sorry for the lack of update these days. I’m kinda feeling under the weather constantly ahaha…. Have some stupid couple shirt and Kuroko being kind of a jerk to his bf, as usual.

It’s love.


how to: 「イリュージョン いちご標本ゼリー




I know I keep reblogging my edits and tagging you, but I just want your attention,@officialvoltageotome-san…. Well, that and naked Soryu…. *cough cough* Anyway.. senpai plz notice me, k


Senpai noticed! You wanted our attention and naked Soryu? We are giving you both. ;)


Can we get a naked Baba too? Cause… holy moly!


I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.


This is a late birthday present to skybluehimawari

Sorry for being so late ;-; I know this is simple but I hope you like it, Kat~!!

Cattieeeeeeee!!!!!!! thank you so much! I love it!  here’s a kissie for you!! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

Me with everyone ever










chaossebastian replied to your post “chaossebastian replied to your photoset “Soryu you pervy mobster XD” I…”

They should’ve made Eisuke buy it so we can spy on Ota and Mamo! XD can’t wait til season 2 comes out! Will they have Mr megane include?! :D

haha!  It won’t be fun then cuz i want to spy on Eisuke XD  Well Mr Sexy Megane is on Season 2, but he might be out December or early next year depending on how fast the english routes are out XD  wow!  you are looking forward to him too?  XD


I wonder what kind of paperworks mobsters handle XD

chaossebastian replied to your photoset “Soryu you pervy mobster XD”

I can’t believe I bought this story and played them all! XD

Well it is a nice sub story XD Too bad Baba isn’t included and Mamo XD


Soryu you pervy mobster XD


31 days of August

Cozy Bath Time

"It’s okay Subaru, you don’t have to carry me, I can walk!"

"You sprained your ankle you shouldn’t put any pressure on it."

"It’s fine, I can hobble around." She threw him a glare.

"What happens when you lose your balance and you hurt yourself even…