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a very late wedding gift for mungoe, it was supposed to be a single request but i love this amazing person so i decided to expand it a bit.

In case you didn’t know, it’s a crossover of Gajevy and our favorite movie ‘The Hobbit’: Gajeel as the king of the Dwarfs and Levy as a peace-loving Hobbit girl ^^ all ideas are suggested by Mungoe, i just drew the illustration. 

Screenshots: 2 3 4


I remember this fic where Natsu is turned on by Lucy hitting him with her whip and the idea got burned in my mind I had to draw it bc why not. Also bunny!Natsu.



I always imagine Subaru is a bunny, as If He has bunny ears, probably yummy to eat XD. Here your chance Seiji
seijigoto :*nom.nom*
ichiyanagi-subaru  : Aghhhhhh…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

LOL sorry for my headcanon XD.
skybluehimawari kana-ichiyanagi chiapeto voltagechris tufi7 It’s always fun to draw your hubby

OMG so cute XD  Seiji eat me too you cutie ♥  I am soo totally dreaming and seeing Ruru in a bunny costume while i am holding a whip.


Aomine: Now I see why you always jump first for fire related calls. Makoto, right?

Rin: Shut up, you never complain… since you get to see “Bakagami”. 

Kagami: Sorry Ahomine was such an ass, I’ll buy lunch, my treat. You like burgers?

Makoto: Ah, that’s okay! Rin was also a bit mean. And sure, thank you. 


Two things: one, rin and aomine are actually good friends, they just like to tease each other, and two, shirts? what shirts? we don’t need those here. 

#snk version


Survey Corps dance party!


✦ Vampire Knight, Cover 19. (2nd Version)


Chris tried to open her eyes but her eyelids felt heavy. Her head was spinning and she just wanted to lie down on the bed all day. But she had work to do. She was scheduled to do a surgery this afternoon. Chris forced herself to wake up from the bed but failed. She groaned.

“Are you okay?” Issei…


My sweet bodyguard [Mobage] UPCOMING EVENTS

September is a busy and exciting month!!!
Beginning of September: Hideki Ishigami’s Memorial Birthday
Middle of September: Subaru’s Premium birthday
End of September: Secret Love - What if your lover is a high school student ((WAT!? o.O  hohoho ≖‿≖))

OMG!!! Subaru’s birthday event! ♥




【Finally, in Love Again OP】

The heroine has been wrapped up in her career, and her love life has been neglected…until she is side-swept by love! She meets a guy who loves her for her.

chiapeto, skybluehimawari

I love that MC already!!! She’s like 34 and the guys are all 10 years younger than her. Me likey very much !!!!

FINALLY!!!! Got to watch out  for this one this September!  hooray!!!

Thanks for the tag maria! silverofdreams though i never received a notification from you its strange :(




恋人は専属 SP Love Mission
Late Summer event
Goto Seiji & Ishigami Hideki ’ s CGs
And special gift ~♡♡♡♡♡

kana-ichiyanagi shiki86ai koreapo mrszala chiapeto voltagechris alazymoon skybluehimawari seijigoto hideki-ishigami

Me want new CG for Hideki but that chibi is so cute XD

And Seiji looking all sexy in a kimono unf!



[Shopping with Subaru ]

After small conversation with chiapeto , I decided to draw this mini manga.
You girl really like to go shopping with Subaru, then be aware for this XD… kana-ichiyanagi skybluehimawari

HAHAHAHAHAHA Subaru sometimes I wonder how you ended up being a bodyguard XD !!!!

Me: *points fingers at Ruru* Who are you?!?  You’re not my husband!  You’re not Subaru!

Subaru: *frowns* What are you talking about? Do you have a few loose screws?

Me: My real Subaru will never choose a plain underwear! He will be buying one with laces and with teddy bear appliques! Now who are you alien!?!

Alien Subaru: *facepalms*

Thanks for the cute chibis yuuki-chan yuuki-ichigo lol! XD



chiapeto, voltagechris
Ehem… While you two are busy with Ivan and Yakov, I ran away with Seiji and married him 😆

Noooo….. *reach to you both* don’t go *cue super dramatic bgm sound* lol…. ~ the tale of a man who goes away

Chris tried to reach out but *cue blond hair on a braid* her hands got stuck in Yakov’s braid :p  

chiapeto: it was called mission-I-am-jelly-of-Ivan-so-I-elope-with-kat pppfftt.. 

Mr. Ichiyanagi got abducted by aliens XD

BMP Non-Gree Jp - Yakov Chernenkov Route - Episode 3 Summary [spoilers]



Yakov brushes the Sergey issue aside but Lev have also other matters to discuss. MC decides to excuse herself to continue her paperwork in her room.

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BMP Non-Gree Jp - Yakov Chernenkov Route - Episode 2 Summary [spoilers]



At soon as everyone disembarks the plane, MC decides to call her family in Oriens.

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